Tooth Colored Fillings

For many decades, amalgam or silver fillings have been the main material for the treatment of simple cavities. They are still in use and are a viable option for many people. There is an ongoing debate regarding the long term health effects of amalgam fillings, but so far they are still considered safe.

Tooth Colored Fillings “Disappear” In Your Mouth

Even without safety issues to consider, the simple fact is that in most cases, tooth colored fillings or resins are a better option. Amalgams do not bond to the tooth, so they require removal of more tooth structure for their placement. Resins on the other hand form a bond with the tooth, and this affords a much more conservative preparation that can preserve more of the healthy tooth structure.

Regardless of their bonding and tooth conserving characteristics, what most people like about resins is that they are tooth colored and “disappear” when in place. Amalgams just don’t look as attractive or natural. The endless improvements in durability and function of resins will eventually make amalgams obsolete.

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