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Many people suffer from clenching and grinding their teeth, otherwise known as bruxism. Some suspect grinding because of headaches, tightness in the jaw and related muscles, or broken teeth and dental restorations. Others only discover that they grind their teeth (often during sleep) when a dental checkup uncovers worn or broken teeth and damaged dental restorations. Associated problems or pain in the jaw joints or related muscles is also known as TMJ, or more accurately TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction).

Do Your Grind Your Teeth At Night?

Dr. Murray or Dr. Osterberg will evaluate your condition and symptoms to determine the severity of the problem. On occasion, some patients may need just a simple bite adjustment. More severe cases may require an evaluation by a specialist for more advanced treatment options.

For most patients, the best way to reduce the damage to the teeth and related structures is a night guard. Unlike store bought “boil and bite” guards, custom made night guards ensure proper fit and function. The process of making a night guard is very simple as well.

Mouth guards are similar to night guards. If you participate in contact sports such as football, hockey, baseball, basketball and many others, a mouth guard can help to reduce the risk of injury to the teeth and supporting structures. Just like a night guard, a custom-made mouth guard will fit and function better.

If you have concerns about protecting your teeth from clenching, grinding or active sports, Dr. Murray and Dr. Osterberg can help. Call our office to schedule an appointment.

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